New Patient Information

What to expect during your first visit

Your first visit explained

Your first orthodontist visit at Zinn and Moran Orthodontics is complimentary and a great way to meet the team and doctors. During your initial appointment, we will provide a plan that explains the type of treatment you or your child will need (braces, Invisalign, or an appliance. ) In addition, our knowledgeable team of financial and insurance coordinators will break down the cost of treatment and help you with understanding your insurance benefit. 

Scheduling Your First Orthodontist Visit

When you call to make an appointment our Patient Care Specialist will work with your schedule to find the most convenient time for you and your family

 Prior to your first appointment, please collect your dental insurance information and call it in to us so that we can have the most accurate pricing options presented to you during the consultation. Please call us at 602-978-2100 or email the information to

Meet Your Treatment Coordinator

After you are greeted by our friendly front office, you’ll be greeted by one of our knowledgeable Treatment Coordinators. Our Treatment Coordinator will review information on your health history and other forms, take the necessary x-rays (panoramic) and digital photos of your teeth, bite and facial profile.

Meet Your Orthodontist

After the Treatment Coordinator finishes collecting information, you’ll meet one of our Board Certified orthodontists. Dr. Zinn and Dr. Moran have years of experience and will ask you about your concerns. The orthodontist will get to know you by asking a few questions, including any concerns you have about your smile or oral health.  This will help them with assessing your goals and how they can help you achieve them. A treatment plan will be discussed that will outline the type of treatment you will need and how long the treatment will be.

Payment Options include:

  • Flexible payment plans that allow monthly payments of as low as $100/month
  • Discount for payment in full
  • Multiple family members discount
  • Military and Servicemen discounts
  • We try our hardest to get you insurance coverage
  • Retainers are covered in the cost of treatment

Meet the Team

There’s never any pressure during the consultation. If the patient is ready for braces, they will meet the patient care team to get their braces!

Schedule your first visit today!

We hope we’ve covered all your questions about your first visit. For additional questions, please call our friendly team at 602-978-2100.